Thursday, May 28, 2015

keeping on keeping on

The email list just gets too long to scroll down, doesn’t it. I use gmail and keep that file cleaned down. The Knology now Wow! list grows by a hundred or so a day and I have to roll down it and press the little garbage can at least every other day to keep it from rolling over me like the crimson tide. I still have one other list that I haven't checked in a couple years: it probably has thousands waiting to be opened. But this morning even gmail has forty something, and I’ve read and responded to just one so far.

Speaking of which, pray that SEC and the Tide quickly regain their rightful place. Pray harder that MGoBlue obliterates Ohio State. No, it’s too soon to be thinking of CFB. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t.

It’s four-thirty. An hour and a half ago I was out on the balcony porch enjoying the wonder of earth and life, and should still be out there. But on the bed in the Bay bedroom I have one of those wedge pillows that makes sitting up in bed so comfortable and easy. Big sliding glass door, and I can see shrimp boats — their lights — moving on the Bay. Someone will eat good today.

We’re headed to Tallahassee this morning.

Trinity Sunday coming up. I don’t know about all this doctrine stuff. But then that’s what faith is, isn’t it: not knowing.

Good church service last night. The bishop must have been surprised when he couldn't see the congregation for all the children crowded round the Altar. That's the way it is! The kingdom of God on earth. Jesus said it would be like this!


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