Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lemme Loose

Evenings when weather is right I'm outside on the balcony. It’s good at the moment, light breeze, sound of little kids laughing, talking, running on the boardwalk in the city park below. Linda is inside with a book and the television on, and probably her iPad, maybe scrolling Facebook but for sure checking how to have healthy hydrangeas and how to make them pink and how to make them blue. This weekend we brought two hydrangeas in pots from the house, one of each color. 

About dark last eveing I went back to the house to rescue something my nephew Mike wanted: the door jam in the kitchen that my parents used for nearly forty years to mark the growth of grandchildren. I’m pretty sure everybody’s on there, including great-grandchildren. Family history that I didn't have the heart to toss it when we remodeled the kitchen in 2002, I tucked it away in a garden shed that we called "the half-house" because the front door of it was the old front door of the house and on the door we had the numerals 2308 1/2. This evening the house and that door post became a family topic on Facebook. Mike said he wanted the post and I went immediately and got it. Obviously, I'm not the only sentimental one, and I'm delighted someone will cherish it. I only wish I could have given someone the house to go with it.

Seldom but now and then I use this evening outside time to draft what may or may not be my blog post the next morning. Most often better judgment prevails after a night’s sleep and in the wee hours I reread and find it was too frank and revealing of the grouchy old man -- grouch and grieve -- and I ditch it and write something rational. But I like tributes written over the weekend about John F. Nash, Jr. and his evident disdain for forcing oneself to be rational because that’s what’s expected of one. If +Time and I are still together after I retire from all responsibility to others, I may say the hell with what’s expected and set loose who I really am. Monster at large.

We have our Tuesday Bible Seminar this morning, usual time and place, final gathering for the Spring 2015 season. My intention is to open the discussion for people to share personal experiences of Pentecost, and then have a hack at one more chapter of the Gospel according to John before recessing for the summer.

Salty outside this morning, humid and salty.


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