Wednesday, May 28, 2014


to post or not to post
not to post or to not post

No one likes some fool preacher ranting about current events. No one likes, much less needs, but the brain disconnects and the fingers keep dancing. In the end, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is not about morality but about dozing off to sleep while writing my blog.

Unspeakable evil of radical Islamists spotlighted in Nigeria kidnapping young girls, daughters. Such evil could not possibly help any cause they might be pressing, but it is their way in a new world of senseless inhumanity that explodes indiscriminately in the marketplace.  

Modern commercial airliners disappearing into the night.  

Chaos near anarchy in Ukraine, warring rebels and the doubtful necessity of their massacre.

Presidential assurances, read my lips, no new taxes, end the war and bring the troops home, you can trust me on this one, Americans will soon be out of Afghanistan. The slipping and sliding, peeping and hiding been told long time ago dates of our non-departure from a land where they hate our guts, do not want our efforts, do not appreciate our sacrifices. 9/11 set our VNI in Afghanistan, but comes time to unleash unmentionable alternatives to this new permanent institution of ongoing low volume young American deaths in a foreign stone age. 

From sea to shining sea, Connecticut to California, madmen murder innocents and horrifying political paralysis prevents it being addressed, much less stopped, in a nation where rights trump morality.

A political system in which each side wants the other to fail, neither wants the other to succeed for the nation's sake.

The moving van has come. We have PCS'd into a new neighborhood, era and culture where doing what is right no longer informs our national character. The agape’ that is the selfless essence of Jesus Christ has drowned in a cesspool of selfishness and obsession with personal rights without responsibilities. The dream has perished in a death from which there is no resurrection, no hope but William Alexander Percy’s “strife closed in the sod”?

With the movie Brazil, we are in smog of our own smoking in which we refuse to not suffocate.

To post or not to post, that’s the infinitive. 

not to post or to not post


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