Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whatever ...

Perfect morning for January 31, less so for May 31: 71F, 98%, Wind 0 mph. But more comfortable than the overnight temperature in the downstairs back quadrant of the house HVAC system, which has it at 78F. So this day starts outside for me. The downstairs front screen porch. I can feel the slightest stirring, and so can the dogwood tree in front of me. It was pleasant walking down for Linda’s PCNH, so here I am, coffee, MacBook, and the world around me. For today, the weather map shows one of these little hickeys:
 I don't believe it for a minute.

Yesterday we ran errands (drove errands), went to the bank and took our wills out of the lock box, we’re going to go over them, the lawyer put them in language that only a judge could understand, and possibly have them redone. Stopped by the hearing clinic to buy replacement batteries and those little dome things for my magical squealing ears. Made hospital visits. Had lunch at Chow Time. Unless there’s Peking Duck on the buffet I only select seafood items of shrimp, sushi and mussels. Or are they little clams? And four of the long green beans, which are crispy and to my taste.

Afternoon, coffee, nap, then long, hard work outside pulling vines, Linda said it’s virginia creeper, off the azaleas and off that enormous bush with the purple flowers that's down on the corner of WBeachDr and CalhounAv. Worn out, back inside, ice water and an icy Munchen bier. There’s supposed to be an umlaut over the “u” but it always takes me ten minutes to figure out how to do it, so forget it. The umlaut makes it sound like "mernt-ken" or "murnt-ken." MacBook to Google, click YouTube and the first thing that comes up is Everly Brothers’ “On the Wings of a Nightingale” and other. Too pleasant an end of day to be inside, so walked down front to MLP and watched the Bay and a ship. It has the bridge tower at the bow and a long flat deck aft; not Navy gray, it must be a research vessel. Watched it leaving port Friday morning, now late afternoon coming in through the Pass from a busy day at sea. 

Missed it today, but often see a Navy craft, a small gray ship, heading out to sea about eight o’clock mornings and returning to port about five o’clock pm. My recollection of that Navy craft is about fifteen years ago, me with all my grandchildren headed out to the jetties in a pontoon boat, and the stupid damn fool conning the Navy vessel speeding by us at such speed that his wake nearly capsized us. I could wish my sea duty had been such, out and back out and back out and ... All my Navy years I asked the detailer to send me to Panama City but was scoffed at, "not the job for you, Tom," he always said, mistakenly thinking I was a climber. My other unending request was London, which no luck either. You take whatever they assign you with the crapspeak, "this is a much better career assignment for you, Lieutenant Weller, ... Commander Weller." Come back to 2014, Bubba. Walk up into the main part of the yard and some minor yard work to close the day.

Adult Sunday School tomorrow morning, adjourning for the summer except that we will have class three times: First Sunday of June, First Sunday of July, First Sunday of August. Tomorrow, as agreed with the class, we plan to look at some noncanonical early Christian writings. I think I’ll take the Gospel of Peter and perhaps the Acts of Paul and Thecla, good stuff, both fascinating. 

TW+ still chugging along in +Time 

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