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Why? His last post was February 7, 2013. Why? What happened? Kit Foster’s CarPort is a favorite site that is becoming the final 1957 Hudson on his frontpage, rusted out, tires flat, disintegrating into the earth. 

My morningly temptation is to join him.   

The WWW is Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones, abandoned blogs, websites and unfinished business. I understand Kit Foster: retiring from St. Thomas by the Sea I walked away from a blog set up in May 2005 and posted weekly with parish events, last post 2008, still sitting there in cyberspace. How long? ‘til the stars wink out, I reckon. Or Hell freezes over.

The Hudson Hornet was the hottest car on the racing circuit for a while in the early 1950s, I’m saying Hudson, alone before American Motors, didn’t have the capital in 1951 for a new body, or for a new V8 engine to replace their tame pre-war flathead sixes and eights, so they gave us the Hornet flathead six. 

My mother’s brother had one, my Uncle Wilbur, I never rode in it but in my mind it's still sitting on the grassy area in front of the house at 1317 E. Strong Steet.

That Hudson dead outside of Kit Foster’s CarPort would have been the last Hornet, 1957. Did it stop backing in and wouldn't crank back up, or did he start to the store one morning and it died there? Out back in the garage of my mind there’s a car from 1957, but it isn’t a Hudson. 

But to the point, why not, who reads My Nonsense? The old men who look eagerly for my name in the PCNH obits every morning don’t read my blog, I know who you are, forget it, I'll be here when you are gone. There are a few kind folks who check that I’m still alive and start worrying me if I don't post by nine o’clock. Some are, as they say, checking my mood and temperament, across spring and into summer a bit odd, why? The Shadow knows. The rest, observing the devolving sanity, read +Time to see if it’s time to suspend my faculties and call the paddy wagon. What except some egotistical drive keeps one from just leaving the door swinging wide and walking away? I could be reading a book. 

Or driving that Hudson Hornet.


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