Friday, March 28, 2014


“Volunteers in dark green hooded sweatshirts spread out across the National Mall on Thursday, planting 1,892 small American flags in the grass between the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Each flag represented a veteran who had committed suicide since Jan. 1, a figure that amounts to 22 deaths each day.”

It’s not the children, it’s the whole dandelion population, the whole blasted lot of us, we all have ADD/ADHD, look at what goes on with every gardenia one of us, everybody looking at a screen and picking at keys and punching send. Yes, guilty. We jump from one thing to another uncaringly, lusting after who knows what, whatever, and never finding it, or finding it for the split second that it interests us. With the attention to flight 370 and to Crimea, Russia and Ukraine, who knows what’s going on in matters of our VNI, with our military people in Afghanistan? Oh, are we still in the war there? Yes we are, and it’s killing our young people in ways we didn’t notice, in numbers we didn’t realize. Suicide among veterans, 22 veterans a day ending their own lives, look at the flags in the pic above, look at the flags and read the short piece. Why is this happening?

The government is looking at what’s wrong with us why are we doing this? That isn’t the question, they don’t even have the right question, much less sense enough to find answers and address them. It’s the gardenia alphabet government, and two things, three factors.

:>( Troops are being sent back over and over and over for repetitive tours, again and again, involuntarily, these are human beings we’re dealing with, young Americans, nobody wants to give their life into that sort of instability, it’s not a life worth living, or marrying into, or expecting much less demanding marital fidelity in either here or there, or for bringing children into, eventually your number comes up for maiming or death, we're sending you back again and again until you return either in pieces or in a sack, and have you ever seen humans blown to bits before your eyes, hand me that pistol, I only need one bullet. 

:>( The people we are trying to help with our insane policies are not appreciative and welcoming, they hate our alphabet guts, for all kinds of reasons, good and bad, they can’t be trusted to help us, they’re out to kill us. They hate us almost as much as they hate each other: that is a society worth sacrificing American lives to save or recreate?

:>( Perhaps worst, it’s all an obscene waste of time and American lives, and desecration of our national history and history books of the future, not considering the lives of the humans who live there, as can be seen in our waste of time and lives in Iraq and is now being evidenced and will be proved in Afghanistan once all our troops are out and all returns to chaos and anarchy. 

This is insanity and the alphabet government is too stupid, myopic, self-serving and lumberingly obese to see that an answer is to change policies, foreign policy and personnel policy; not to psychoanalyze the troops. The troops are fine. We need a completely new form of government, it will never happen, but it’s the sole historic reason for the Second Amendment: not to shoot squirrels and people who play music too loud, but to deal with evil, oppressive and incompetent government.

The answer for Iraq is to hang the war criminals here at home as examples for the future. The answer for Afghanistan was missed the afternoon of 9/11. Don’t Tread On Me.

Bubba has pages missing this morning, pages missing and outrage, because of the flags. Twenty-two a day. AYFSM? 

It's not time for calm, reasoned journalism and philosophizing, it's time for raging anger. Publish, or Delete?

Alphabet Publish.


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