Monday, March 24, 2014

pages missing

pages missing

Seeing the blogpost is mine for me, why bother with what will people think, people can lump it, eh? Actually no. As said more than twice, it’s a meter of what’s happening inside, isn’t it. At what pace is one going downhill. Are pages missing? 

I was a lay person at the time, a lector, it was my Sunday to read, and Mass was ending. In our Pennsylvania parish, it was the lector’s task, at the priest’s nod, to start the Postcommunion Prayer while priest and chalice-server finished clearing the Altar. End of the early service, Rite One, and he nodded to me. I had been looking for the page, couldn't find it. Not knowing the slightly changed prayer in the 1979 BCP and unable to find the right page, I said “Let us pray” anyway and began a reality nightmare of muddling through 1928 BCP words “... for that thou dost vouchsafe to feed us who have duly received ...” as the congregation paused and ground to a halt, curiously watching me stumble on, red faced and awkwardly. After the service I retrieved that copy of the prayerbook and found that pages 337 through 340 were missing. 

What has this to do with me or with my +Time nonsense? Everything. If I continue blogging, people will see that pages are falling out. That pages are missing. 

The heck with it. It's a lot worse than a few missing pages.


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