Saturday, March 29, 2014

CFB & Lady Macbeth's Dog Spot

OMG, not CFB already, I can’t stand it, don't even think about it, out damned spot. Football or Shakespeare, choose.

And football pro days are ridiculous, over the top. This has been the longest winter in memory, will CFB season never come, but not yet, I'm not thinking about it that the Gators’ first game is exactly five months from today, Saturday, August 30. I’m saying nothing CFB this early except TYG Johnny Manziel departed SEC for NFL, that’s it, that's all I'm saying, I was sick of his mouth in the SEC and I don't watch NFL ball. 

Well, speaking of JM, can’t wait to hear all the screaming, shouting, cursing from the Lone Star state if O’Brien doesn’t pick QB Texan J. Football for Houston. Hopefully, he won’t. It would be perfect plus, in my warped mind, kharmic payback not only for JM's mouth but also for the 2012 Tide/Aggies game if O'Brien picked A.J. over JM and did you know McCarron and J. Coker both went to St. Paul’s, Mobile? But he won't, O'Brien won't. Is Jacob a starter?

Actually, after the 2013 Alabama Texas A&M game no one but me remembers watching that 2012 last-five-second stunner in Tuscaloosa. What I recall is not being able to speak, watching the SEC newcomer upset Alabama.

O’Brien has lots to choose from and he can squeak out of JM by trading down. Or just by being himself if he doesn’t want a blowhard for QB. And I don't even like pro-football.

O’Brien did fine with PennState, disappointing he left after two seasons. 

Bortles is on the QB list, making me wonder what will happen with UCF this season, the Knights have been incredible, whoever heard of the UCF Knights? Well, they’ve heard of them in Gainesville by now, and a few years ago I never thought my SEC beloveds would be sliding down the cellar door like playmate, playmate, come out and play with me, while some obscure college team from Disney went to a bowl game. UCF for SEC? Not to mention FSU #1. 

The Seminoles?  

Can’t you read? I said not to mention them. Bad enough Florida is playing Alabama again this year, Gators AT Alabama, oh my God. OMG. Maybe lightning will strike. Or a flood. There’s supposed to be a hurricane that weekend. 

Plus with any luck Thanksgiving will be cancelled as well and football banned for the weekend, I'm sick of eating crow. 

Maybe the Gators will have a good game against Eastern Michigan, my grandson Nick’s school. How long ago did Florida contract that game with Eastern, and who’s getting paid to play, who's the cupcake now? CFB five months from this moment? Don't even think about it. Read Macbeth again.

CFB in mind? Out, out, I say. Go here:


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