Monday, April 28, 2014

Moon, Venus, MLP

Moon, Venus, ...

Sunset has no corner on the heart, blackest darkness before Dawn is equally beguiling for one who lives by the sea where sky and flashing lights of navigation buoys team up to evoke Melancholy Mary Maudlin. Truth, I want to blog about other and have done, a wandering, elusive, beyond eccentric, seemingly cryptic post of a madman. One says too much trying to say little enough to stay in the shadows with the hiding newspaper, though conveying as insane. Only two get it: self and a fellow ancient musing about life, death and all that lay on the way. 

See? MLP. So? Scan VOA. MH370: at the bottom of the sea or undercover being outfitted as a weapon? Russia v. Ukraine sparks WWIII? one thinks how absurd until recalling that a royal assassination ignited WWI, we don’t need much excuse to hate and kill each other. Class clown murders girl who declined prom date. Astronauts warn of meteorite danger from outer space, is someone beside ourselves trying to kill us all? Shades of Noah. Egypt court condemns 683 Islamists to death, these are our allies? Chinese foreign ministry strongly objects to Justin Bieber visiting Japanese war shrine: one concludes that all is well in China if The Acts of the Bieb is the major concern. 

Moonday madness. Venus in crescent.

W mucking through 

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