Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Resumes

Midweek Bible study resumes today, after two sessions recess for Holy Week busyness and Easter Week recovery. Seeing that we have wonderful Scripture for this coming Third Sunday of Easter, especially beautiful in the King James Version, I am thinking to read all four selections as we munch on the scrumptious lunch Linda is preparing for us, perhaps explore each reading a bit, and then focus on one. Maybe two. The one might be the Gospel reading, Luke’s post-resurrection story of two disciples encountering Jesus on the road to Emmaus. There seem to be two sorts of post-resurrection appearances, one in which Jesus appears bodily and you can see the nail marks in his hands and touch the mark of the spear in his side, and maybe watch him eat a piece of fish; the other in which he seems to appear out of nowhere and as quickly vanish, perhaps a luminescent presence. We are thinking that the Emmaus Road appearance may be the former, until he vanishes out of their sight. Why didn’t they recognize Jesus on the road? And why doesn’t Mark tell any of these post-resurrection stories? Did anyone notice that Jesus makes their supper that evening a Eucharist? Who spotted a connection to the Baptismal Covenant?

And that startling line in Psalm 116, “How precious to the Lord is the death of his saints?” WTH is that supposed to mean? To anyone who recently lost a loved one to the grave, this is as stunning as being struck with a blunt instrument. Bears thought. The thought will ease the grief, I guarantee.

11:30 Noon Eucharist in the church, completed with Bible study and a light lunch in Battin Hall. Adjourns at 12:45. Everyone is invited, all are welcome! 


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