Monday, September 21, 2015

Whoever welcomes one such child, and we pass

Nevermind CFB, season not going as hoped, Saturday a stunner, not going there this morning, my teams are off the chart, and yours dropped. SEC sunset.

Muslim questions in the GOP tussle. Before 1960 people said a Catholic could not be president. A black person could not be president. A woman could not be president. At least one GOP candidate says a Muslim could not be president. Don't say stupid things. In the evolution of politics in a democracy, whoever the people elect can be president.

Faced with disciples arguing about who is the greatest, Jesus takes a little child into his arms, answering the question for all time. J would really like our church, where children are first on Sunday mornings, most on Wednesday evenings, and two little boys from down the street have adopted us and we them. Six and seven years old, they come and go on scooters, shoot baskets, responded to our smiles, kindness and welcome, attended both services yesterday and came to the Altar for communion twice, came up for "Children's Time," helped or at least watched cookies baked. Not sure but I think they're half-brothers. Taller boy is six years old, his brother seven. “Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” It’s a gospel practicum with the ultimate in innocence and response to smiles, and we pass. 

This morning dawned to my realization that one of life’s busiest weekends was history, as well as the build-up to it, prep for it. Need a break of some sort besides just yesterday afternoon’s glass of Malbec and a nap! Maybe I'll stop at Gandy's for mullet after this morning's walk. It's time, roe season at hand, schools of huge mullet are jumping in the Bay right off my porch, and porpoises having breakfast.

Dark chocolate birthday cake, slice of wedding cake, and blessings upon Elise and Lucas!

Nice dawn, LOGOS, I'm wondering whether the firmament was this bright the morning of the Big Bang?

Thos+ mucking along through +Time+

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