Thursday, February 16, 2017

birds of a feather

Thursday, 16 Feb cool out, cool walk, chili for breakfast, chili with shrimp on top and shredded cheddar, large mug of black ice coffee. Two ships departed so far this morning, one from each terminal. Below Griegstar vessel 670x106 from East Terminal, and her tug returning to base at Port PC.

Rough Bay yesterday afternoon, white caps with wind throwing salt spray on Joe’s new car, nice ride, I drove it a ways. Iridescent color that varies depending on the sun. 

Another interesting car that caught my eye in email exchange yesterday, 1937 Opel Olympia, a GM car. 

With my 1937 Bayern plates, four years into the inhuman German Shoah. Why I got so caught up in it IDK, but it magnified for me several years ago upon seeing my German ancestry, visualizing distant blood kin cousins perpetrating the Night. I’ve owned several German cars. Opel, M-B, several VW cars. Likely no more, settled into GM cars made in Mexico, as in Mexico will pay for The Wall in the form of Bubba paying a 35% tariff on any future GM cars I buy that were hauled across the border from Mexico? How to avoid? Buy used. But then who’s going to pay for The Wall? I’m missing something, nicht?   

Today: continue reading, alternating books one situated in Jerusalem, one in Moscow. Ray, Britany, Lillie coming for lunch with Joe today: shrimp etoufee made with Louisiana mix, mushroom soup, four pounds shrimp. Green beans, yellow crookneck squash casserole. Glass of red Malbec from South Africa.

Gone now, and stopped brawling amongst themselves just as I got out there with camera: white diving birds fighting to snatch fish away from the one who caught it, their nature, nasty, selfish, greedy little beasts, we’ve DNA in common obviously, as birds and homo sapiens evolved from dinosaurs, crocodilians all.

Yesterday. Background at West Terminal, ship that departed this morning, Seaboard Pacific V45 with general cargo, for New Orleans. 


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