Friday, February 10, 2017


Slept till five o’clock, slow waking, now after six, walk at seven-thirty, so bit late to think through tippy-typing nonsense with mental powers already severely limited as it is. Dark and black but still dozing between wake and sleep, yes and no, maybe and certainly not. 

Further, broke my vow and reviewed the good news instead of plowing into something intellectually profitable. Enjoyed and appreciated characterizations imperial and incompetent but not going there blogwise. 

We walk Monday at seven, but Friday walk is followed by breakfast out so to give more cafe options we walk at seven-thirty. Two favorites remain cafes on bayous, though I enjoyed a pork chop and a drumstick at the cafeteria place. Breakfast at home this week has been oysters swirled stovetop then crowded atop thin ww toast and toaster oven toasted. About half the price of local oysters, these are pacific oysters from WalMart. Mind the expiration date on top though. 

Still captivated by this week’s discovery of the 1930 Marquette by Buick and 1930 Viking by Oldsmobile brochures, 

including the page proudly showing body construction of wood and steel, depicting the roof construction of wooden bows topped with wood lath, over which a rubberized canvas-type material will be inserted and sealed. I don’t know if periodic maintenance included treating the top for durability and waterproofness as now is done with roof sealers on some trailers and mobile homes.

And my obligatory birth car: 1935 Ford V8 truck (cab and chassis) (Australian).  

DThos+ pressing +Time+ this morning

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