Sunday, February 26, 2017

bon apetit

Port of Panama City is busier than most peoples’ lives these days, ships coming and going, bringing and taking all hours, including one entering the Pass at 5:30 this morning while still dark. Fun to watch them sail by, though often a ship seen before, as Progreso and Guadalupe 326x55 container vessels two ships making a weekly run between PC and Progreso, Yucatán. The pier at Progreso juts four miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Departing on Saturday, I was reading and almost missed it, Intermarine vessel Industrial Grace 554x83 

leaving with reels for Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa, which I explored a bit. From the harbor I explored and found out that a highway between Takoradi and a near town is a long drive among plantations, sugar cane and other, and that one can stop and buy lunch, cooked bushmeat of grasscutters, a large cane rat resembling a huge guinea pig, which as well as hunted wild for bushmeat is also domestically raised for its delicate flesh Once started I branched out exploring various bushmeats, chimpanzee and gorilla, the Australian witchety grub (raw taste like almond, cooked like chicken) and various other, including tarantula spiders in Cambodia, Thailand and Venezuela which enjoy, recommended. Children teasing giant goliath tarantula spiders out of their lair, catching them, roasting and eating, a treat.

Arriving last evening at dusk, Lauritzen line St Andrew 590x93

to load wood pellets for the power plant at Studstrup, Denmark. Speaking of Denmark, I read that a man was sentenced to prison for burning a Koran, against the new blasphemy law for Danes. God forbid we should have blasphemy laws.

Finally, arriving this morning in the dark and as day dawned on Sunday morning, CFC’s Forest Panama 442x69 to load kraft liner for Colon. 

My plan for this morning, CardioPills, walk, protein breakfast small strip of sirloin steak and eggs.

DThos+ golden days at 7H where "life has nothing sweeter than its springtime" and thank you, Mario Lanza, Student Prince 

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