Friday, February 24, 2017

of the Heart

Writing late: yesterday was for me an overwhelmingly exhausting day, watched Bay traffic last evening

slept until nearly six o’clock this morning, up, HotHLWater, black and dark, and off to walk. Parked by Holy Pavilion, looking fantastic, wow! 
Gate opening right there on Linda Avenue beside, with newly marked off diagonal parking, Sundays it could be Holy Pavilion Episcopal Church. 

Yesterday in Apalachicola 

Places of the Heart

Sitting on a park bench on the river while Linda shopped in Grady’s Market, 

I couldn’t help noticing the lawn in the riverfront park was correctly Apalachicola GOBoy Mowed

but the church was locked. It wasn't always so.

My last sabbatical week. I’ll go to Staff Meeting on Monday, then back for real Ash Wednesday.

Sometime before life starts downhill, one way or another, train, plane, car, bus, I’m going back to Maine to visit the little town Andreas Wäller made home on arriving in the Promised Land in the seventeen-hundreds. Broad Bay, Massachusetts at the time, today it’s Waldoboro, Maine. 

Where am I? What am I doing? Whatever am I thinking?


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