Sunday, November 23, 2014

CFB no dox

Well, never begin a conversation with "so" or “well” so I hope catholic Boston College wasn’t surprised that the Lord wasn't on their side, that even with Hail Marys right up to the end, the game was predestined and foreordained. Still, it was the most exciting FSU game of the season though the Seminoles remain undefeated. Everybody's gotta hate somebody though, and as a Gator, I think I'd rather love to hate them than see them lose, because if they start losing I'll just have to revert to the Dawgs. Jimbo didn't pull his Rally Strategy that bounced him out of first place, and he had to fight for the win, which was good: I detest those lopsided debacles, this was a stomp down good 'un right up until the final seconds and fourth down when FSU got in field goal range. 

What I’d like most of all is to be able to whine about Jameis for some reason, but it’s sour grapes, if he "would have been a Gator" I would have chuckled at his antics. He selects his receiver like an eagle spotting mice and passes to him like a speeding bullet. He will go far. I hope. Soon, I hope.

Nevertheless, we have our Thanksgiving crow stewing for next Saturday and I’m going to eat feathers, feet, beak and all, but washed down with a couple glasses of delicious Argentine malbec. A good sport I am, eh? Bull-you-know-what, don’t print it, preacher, bite your tongue.

Elsewhere. South Carolina game was fairly OK at 37-12 and Auburn could have been far more lopsided at 31-7, sorry Trae. Other SEC games of interest were vanilla cupcake: there's no doxology in 55-9, 52-3, 48-14. Michigan a disappointment again but still and always MGoBlue. Gainesville: I hate it when nice coaches fall, get slammed and fired. Coach Will beat Georgia, if he topples FSU let's give him another season, eh?

Some months ago Fr. Chuck Floyd scheduled a trip to take his children and grandchildren to Hawaii so I’m filling in for him as supply priest Celebrant at St. Thomas by the Sea, Laguna Beach this morning, Nov 23 and next Sunday morning, Nov 30. Deacon Ed is preaching today, me next Sunday. Back at HNEC Dec 7, Roll Tide v. hopefully not Dawgs unless Missouri messes up against Arkansas. No chance? Think again: Arkansas 30, Ole Miss 0 and Missouri didn't do as well against Tennessee as I hoped. Anyway, go Tigers, beat Razorbacks. 

Violent storms today? Supposedly.

Sorry for the rambling nonsense.


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