Thursday, November 27, 2014


Don’t buy nothin’ at least not for me, I don’t need nothin’ and I think but do not know -- because I’m not affected, and I’m not going out shopping, and I’m retired, and I don’t depend on the extra hours’ work and pay for Black Friday -- but I think everybody who wants to should be able to stay home and love being with family this unique national holiday of the American year. 

Especially thinking of Frank, who is far away while Christian is getting older. BTDT, on a warship at sea Thanksgiving and Christmas one year more than half my lifetime ago. It was a bummer, believe me. Thankful for Frank.

Thankful for all who are away from home and family in the service of the country and of others. As it has been since our coming to this land in our nation’s beginning, we are America because of them; and because of us, for all of us who have served. American: I would not be other to save my soul. Where love is not a feeling but all that others do for me, I am thankful for those who love me yet do not know me, and for those who know me but put up with me anyway.


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