Sunday, November 30, 2014

Quoth the Crow

A bad words football game starting with the missed field goal. I would say UFla FSU could have gone either way, but I did not have that good feeling from start to finish, not even when it was 9 to 0. Next year in Jerusalem. 

South Carolina game no picnic either. 

Nor MGoBlue, OMG, Bo, where are you when we need you, the golden age is over, Holy Christmas, I’m going home. 

This is my morning to preach and celebrate at St. Thomas by the Sea, then we’re coming home and taking whoever is left here of family to Po Folks for Sunday dinner before Kristen heads back to university. 

With her on the road it won’t be Papa’s most relaxing Sunday afternoon. Maybe fried green tomatoes will help the mental turmoil. The crow is excellent well done and the feet crispy. 

Alabama? Auburn fans could have been happy if Jesus had come and the Rapture started during Half Time. Missouri next week.  


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