Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oysters & Blueberries

Blueberries for supper last evening, bowl of blueberries. Frozen, large berries from Sam’s, had them before. Earlier in the week I had two packages of buy-one-get-one-free fresh blueberries from Publix, tiny ones recalling wild blueberries we enjoyed in Maine summer 2008. Fresh or frozen, blueberries are one of my favorites, learned the first time my mother made blueberry pie for me as a child. Golden Corral's dessert display has “unsweetened blueberry pie,” which I tried once, thought delicious, had again the next time. Blueberry pancakes are my favorite, best was years ago, breakfast at Webers Motel & Restaurant in Ann Arbor. We were there for Nick’s high school graduation, Kristen with us. We went up by AmTrak, and the ride from New Orleans to Chicago is the swayingest track imaginable, roughly side to side all night long. We returned via either Washington or NYC and down to Jacksonville, a much better ride. 

Thursday evening supper was oysters. Now and then I buy a pint of oysters at a local fish house and am blessed to be the only person here who eats them, so whether there’s a pint or a gallon I get them all. A gallon is too much, takes three or four days to eat a gallon of oysters. Best breakfast, oysters on whole wheat toast from the toaster oven. For supper, as Thursday, half a pint in a bowl, plastic cover, microwave sixty to ninety seconds: bowl, fork, two fingers of Islay single malt scotch with one ice cube, go out on balcony porch, sit facing Shell Island, eat oysters and sip scotch while watching Bay traffic. 

Before that, supper for two nights was a bowl of fruit, buy one get one free. Fine though watermelon seems to be a diuretic which makes for an active night’s sleep.

Yesterday morning’s task at the house was to take the blower up on the roof and blow off a couple months accumulation of leaves from roof and gutters. Later as we relaxed on the front porch, our buyer came up, introduced himself and we had a visit. Meeting him, I feel much better and can relax about my house. 

Last evening as I sat on my balcony porch working on the Confirmation Class lesson for Sunday morning, I counted twelve shrimp boats running out on St. Andrew Bay in my line of sight. There should be fresh shrimp in fish markets and restaurants this morning.

Task for this morning, finish prep for our third confirmation class tomorrow. Topics: history, organization, thumb through the prayerbook.


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