Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday: Windy

Good morning, self. Strong wind coming off the Gulf and across the Bay, weather 32401 says 14 mph though up this high feels more like 20 or 25, quite a breeze. 75F 95% humidity, clouds fast and low, headed northeast. Weather says 100% precip but I think it has passed, is passing rapidly. Loud thunderstorm about 11 pm: instead of getting up to watch, I went back to sleep. My most exciting Tstorm recently was last fall at High Heaven, more than twice this high and right on the Gulf, well inside the storm cloud itself. That whole generous experience totally sold us on loving condo living and we are forever grateful.

Looked out bedroom window yesterday morning to see flashing lights and multiple police cars, Beck Avenue blocked off from 11th street north two blocks. Crime scene, man carrying a rifle or shotgun, engaged police, shot, died. What do you expect? Comes to mind deranged. Typically ridiculous exchange of comments below the online PCNH article this morning sniping back and forth at each other. With anonymity, courtesy and common human decency take flight in a cloud of windy derangement.

There’s that shrimpboat, what a stormy night to be out. 

Confirmation class at church this morning, looking forward to it. Anglican Theology and a short Bible Study on postResurrection appearances. 9:15 for an hour. Should be total fun. 



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