Sunday, April 26, 2015


Oh my goodness, pick one, choose, choose today, choose a disaster to write about 

Devastating earthquake in Nepal, 
Chaos and riots in Baltimore as peaceful demonstration for Freddie Gray turns violent, 
Buses on Sabbath in Israel, 
CIA drone program, 
Mass firing squad execution of foreign drug convicts in Indonesia, 
Russia hacking Barry’s email,
Bruce Jenner has news.
Dear Leader with Bad Haircut: what’s it cooking up? Something fer sure, something fer dang sure, as it can’t stand being ignored, longs to be center of attention, photographed grandly riding its 1950s submarine while its generals take notes. Pop quiz. Why isn't its submarine yellow? Because it doesn't know the tune. Why didn’t it scarf up Gaddafi’s wardrobe. Because one of the uniforms had holes in it. Why are all males in DPRK required to wear the goofy haircut? Because there’s a CIA drone with DL’s picture on it.

Sunset last evening --

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Xn irony Sunday when the lamb is the shepherd and the shepherd is the lamb. Our final confirmation class, what to teach? Come and chat. 


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