Friday, July 24, 2015


Not a clap, a loud, loud deep rumble of thunder woke us at 4:23, then at least one flash of lightning bright enough to light the Beck bedroom even with blinds shut and curtains drawn. So loving a storm, up and at ‘em for the day. Linda inside reading her PCNH with coffee, me outside here on the porch with coffee. Still black dark, can’t see the Bay, but wave action below is quite loud, though not rolling crashing ashore, just lapping up on the beach. And enough wind to breeze around me beautifully.

Photographs were last night at sunset, and judging by this morning’s sky activity, it must have come true somewhat.

Friday: walk day and breakfast after. We take turns paying, I don’t remember whose turn to pay this morning, but not mine, I paid last Friday. Coffee, glass of water, eggs over medium, dry wheat toast. Not dry for health, dry better to soak egg yellow.

If raining at Cove School, we don’t walk.

Golden groves and crystal waters
with their waves so blue … Cove, Cove
dear old Cove
thee we'll never fail ...

Sharing the myth keeps us friends even after 73 years. The myth.

Lightning has stopped, lighting has begun.


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