Monday, July 27, 2015

TheD &etc

Looking up across St. Andrews Bay from the city marina halfway through our walk about six-thirty this morning. We’ll probably go on starting at six until the weather cools a bit. Also, as days dawn later.

Anyone looking to my nonsense for help or spiritual guidance will go unrewarded: crossing the mind in spite of itself is the one called “The Donald,” I sure hope he's having Gulf Coast Pest Control come out and spray that head of hair for mice and roaches. 

I have a nonsensical theory. GovernorPresident C. and SenatorSecretary C. attended one of TheD’s wedding ceremonies. And TheD, according to something I read last week, it may have been a lie, IDK, made a healthy contribution to her last political campaign, and apparently they are friends. I say apparently, because TheD doesn’t seem to remain friends with anyone for long. 

Anyway, my theory is that there’s a strategy. TheD is currently the Republican frontrunner, a sign that a fourth of Republicans like him. And he has stated that if the GOP doesn’t treat him right, he will run as a third party candidate. There ain’t no way the GOP will put TheD on the ticket, and there ain’t no way a Democrat will vote for TheD. He’s a Populist, neither right nor center nor left; a strange mix. The strategy is not that he will be President, a notion beyond the pale, but that he will split the Republican electorate so his friend can easily take the election next year.

Of course, we could have a really interesting spread of candidates from right to left with, say, Ted (who writes me all the time, Dear Thomas, send money), and TheD, and the SenatorSecretary, and Senator Sanders promising everyone free fried chicken every Sunday -- wings and necks.

I'm looking forward to the Republican debates.

ho anaginowskown noeitow.

Have a nice day.

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