Thursday, July 6, 2017

around the Point

Escape or stay, turn away or face it, be kind or hostile or, perhaps worst, indifferent? In the predawn blackness at four o’clock this morning, what caught my eye was the circling green wait white wait green wait white wait green wait of the control tower at Tyndall, they aren’t always up this early, will this be a noisy day? 

This morning, Father Rohr’s meditation on drawn vice driven also caught my eye, put me spiritually on notice to examine myself first (i.e., before I examine you) and ask do I need another round of what he calls a long hermitage retreat? I know the Ignatian, BTDT more disciplined than I’m willing at this point in +Time+. I remember SSJE Boston, too far away. What might it be in Franciscan terms or thought? Does it have to be silent? Must it be directed?, leave me alone, I'd rather do it myself. At this state of sin and age of cranky I’m totally negative on travel: might I retreat just as well here at 7H? Would the world slip away from my worry and control during my absence?

And there was evening, and there was morning, one day. It promises another hot one. 


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