Saturday, July 1, 2017


Monday or Tuesday we rearranged furniture in our space that is the south forty percent of our Bay bedroom, such that Linda now has my mother’s lift chair and I have the platform rocker mama reupholstered that we had in Apalachicola, upstairs in the rectory to rock grandchildren as they came along. Linda’s chair faces the bedroom door and television, I still and always look out through the sliding glass door across StAndrewsBay and Shell Island into the Gulf of Mexico, except it’s a bit too hazy at the moment.  Overslept, boats making haste across a flat surface.

One thing about these mini-vacations we’ve adopted. It’s a pleasure to be here in 7H, the drive to Apalachicola is a long wind-down into the past, time there is a relaxed pleasure; and it’s a pleasure to leave creek, river and town and return through the forest and down the coast peacefully to 7H. Going over, the twilight zone begins as we leave PortStJoe heading east through planted forests of what Harold Q. once told me are fast growing super-pines, and in a few miles we pop out into long ago.

I guess you had to be there.

201706300734CDT, Federal Rideau 656x75 clearing Courtney Point enroute to PC Anchorage, returning 6 July to finish loading wood pellets for Immingham. 

79.7°F 86% and already the Long Fourth of July Weekend ain’t fit’n for nobody but a Florida Native. 

Breakfast: salmon salad on ww toast points and coffee, black, iced. 

DThos+ in +Time+

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