Sunday, July 9, 2017


For all my years using blogger, I’m ignorant of it, haven’t bothered to discover how to implant new fonts, or maybe blogger is as limited as my experience. This is cochin, which I’ve never tried. The l.c. gamma, g for golf, is decent in regular, more so in slant or italic, but I like that slant aitch, h for hotel. After experimenting a few years back for a lower case g with a prominent ear like the feather of a California quail 

and an imaginative loop in its descender, but noting that blogger often changed my original to one of its dull options, I fairly resigned to focus on message vice medium. But, as image can be as telling as substance, sometimes typeface returns to mind. Especially as a distraction when larger worries loom. Which is everything about human life and love. 

Don’t mind me, meanderings of a fool.

Coffee this morning, black and earthy or smoky, coffee beans Ray and company brought me from their recent trip to the DR. Square of dark chocolate, not marked but about 70%, nice to bite into. All to stir me awake on a rainy Sunday morning in July.

News flash across the top right corner of this MacBook, brokered ceasefire in Syria: maybe some child will get to live and be loved a few hours longer before ceasefire collapses. 

Does anything in human life and love matter to God more than the life, safety, health and happiness of a child. 

On earth, it depends upon whose god, doesn't it. 

DThos+ in a safe place

sunset from PB407, a face of God
quail pinched online
child of God, also pinched online
clouds from 7H, another face of God

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