Thursday, February 20, 2014


On Facebook, someone shared from a generation ago, the Carol Burnett television show episode “Wrong Number.” I still cannot get my breath. 

Television I watch for news or entertainment. Not generally education or enlightenment, for example, Bible material on PBS or History Channel is often so sensationalist, literalistic, and unscholarly that it tries one’s patience. Entertainment, I want to be funny, seldom serious. Want history? Monty Python or Blackadder. But the Carol Burnett show was the funniest program ever aired. I’d no idea complete episodes are instantly available on Youtube, punch the button for full-screen. Thanks to a Facebook friend, TV is wonderfully re-enlivened, even a generation later, with painfully breathless laughter. 

For whoever posted that, thank you! I once thought “Red Skelton” was funny, but seeing an episode a few years ago was hugely disappointing. Anyway, the other all time funniest show having been “The Honeymooners,” and now having found Carol Burnett, check for Jackie Gleason as well.

Oh my, thanks again!


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