Friday, February 28, 2014

New Computer

My agenda yesterday while Linda was in Apalachicola for lunch with Pat was to go to Tyndall for a haircut. Let's face it, at this age and state of hirsuteness -- don't say bald, it's a four-letter-word and preachers don't cuss -- what's left of the head is better suited to a military skinning than to the art of a hair stylist, and to be truthful for a change, I prefer it anyway, just plain tapered. "Any off the top, Commander? har har har." The barbershop is in the mall with the Exchange and the Commissary, so it was convenient to hit those while I was there. 

In the Commissary I purchased two half-gallon bottles of the Bulgarian style buttermilk I love. Mixed with one-third Kefir, it makes a tasty supper a couple evenings a week. Always in the Commissary I check the peanut butter shelf, but only once recently found natural crunchy sans sugar and they didn't have it yesterday. 

My Exchange visit was more focused: computer section. The past several years I've been using Mac computers, but there are two issues with Apple: overpriced by four and not compatible with Madge's computer in the parish office. No, three issues. My desktop computer in the parish office is one Father William left behind for good reason. Up to here with it's constant freezing up and dawdling slowness, I decided to try a dedicated, compatible laptop that I can use at the office or at home, or on the church library or Battin Hall WiFi. This it: from the BX, their cheapest hp with a CD drive. On the FrWm computer the CD drive doesn't work, and I need it for "The Rite Stuff" and to install a decent word processing program. Adapting to a pc with Windows 8.1 after years developing Apple intuitives is a trip through insanity. But I'm working on it with determination and a fresh garden of flower names to say at it. 

Last summer we turned in the Buick Enclave at the end of its 39 month lease, intending for economy in retirement to get along with one car. My buddy Chris said, "We'll see how long that lasts." It lasted a month or six weeks until I started bugging him to find me a decent used car. It's a creampuff actually, a white 1999 Buick Century with blue interior. Before trading it for a new Chevy in surrender to his new car bug, the original owner put new tires, new battery, new fuel pump, a couple thousand dollars of work done. But it's still fifteen years old, so since buying it last summer I've only driven it back and forth between home and church. Yesterday though it took me safely to Tyndall and back. Only problem, the car has no cup holders. And I won't let Linda drive it because it lacks most modern safety devices, including stability control and dozens of airbags. 

Heliotrope sunflower. Something I pressed by mistake on the nasturtium hp changed all the print to microscopic size and I don't know how to get out of that, so this last paragraph is back comfortably on the MacBook.

Pox. Not pax today. POX.



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