Friday, February 21, 2014


Meditation, thinking, slave labor of the mind. MacBook won't go online, iPad battery run down and charging, no sane person with adult size fingers would type an essay on an iPhone. Eyes and mind puzzle at looking on a sheet of white instead of a bright, colored, live and moving screen. But pen and ink still work, and coffee is hot, black and strong.

As Linda is not into sleeping my Florida way in the damp, cool, salty breeze, I didn't bother suggesting we have the porch door open last night to enjoy the weather's arrival. However, the red yellow orange line of thunderstorms is just now leaving Pensacola, so no matter anyway.

"Light off the boilers" comes to mind here in 20140221 realtime instead of electronics. Last time I heard that exciting stir about going to sea? Maybe in Subic Bay before getting underway for Danang. "Light off the brain" instead, but it isn't meditation at all, meditation is serious exercise, this is barely even thinking. About what? "Now officers' call, officers' call" with the XO then slouch off to brief the JOs and sailors. What was good? Nearly two-thirds of life still lay ahead, stretching out into God Only Knows What. Most of it was really great. Would I go back? No way, Jose, would I go back to a time of life without Tass and Kristen.

What's crazy just now? Linda has come downstairs and on Channel 13 Jerry Tabatt turns off the radar to show just the insane lightning in that storm line that's sweeping toward us, holy fire. Coming on fast, 40 MPH. Severe thunderstorm warning.

Buick lease up in June means new car interest is hotting up. I took this Regal sedan in March 2011 only so my mother could get into it, as she could not get up into the Enclave SUV. But we don't want another car that you crawl down into and climb up out of. So no more sedans, but which also eliminates Corvette, Camaro, Mustang. And we don't want another car as big as the Enclave SUV. Whatever happened to that red convertible my heart was set on three years ago? Cramers didn't have a red convertible at the time, so I settled. Happily now being battered by GM and Chrysler (how did Marchionne find out about me?) with new car incentives, but nobody is making a car that excites me. A new Buick XUV is due out this fall along with redesigned Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain replacements, maybe wait and check those out?

On the upstairs front screen porch now to await. Flashes of lightning off to the west, low rumbling thunder. Another cup of coffee, extra strong Italian roast. Thunder getting louder and closer, Bay surf angry and noisy in the predawn darkness down front. Pitter patter on the porch roof just over my head.

Not only would I not go back to Navy life at twenty-something all the way through the decade of thirty-somethings. The forty something years were great. But I wouldn't miss this eighth decade stormy early morning of life for the world.


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