Monday, December 29, 2014



Full of himself, Johnny Manziel still and always a clown, what’s to say, grow up? Naanh. Manziel and Jameis. Seminoles scalp Ducks, drown in Dallas. 

Game is serious business and basketball is seriouser as Duke with Mike Krzyewski, apparently highest paid college coach at $9.7m. Not to jinx, but If Harbaugh goes to Michigan at $8m then he will be CFB tops for the moment. Supply and demand, who wants a top head coach right off the bat to recover immediately from debacle can’t hire somebody else’s assistant or coordinator to get experience on the job. If Harbaugh, then no top high school athlete with NFL in mind will ignore the doorbell when Michigan’s recruiter rings. Coaches are pricey but CFB is gate and gate is big business to major universities, ask PennState. Are CFB head coaches overpaid? Not compared to basketball. Absolutely not compared to the incompetent clowns who scalped and bankrupted GM. Industry and banking CEOs skim the cream, a losing coach is out on his beeyouteatee in short order, and it’s all business, Games or Cars or Loans. Are our social priorities out of kilter, yep, soldiers, police and teachers should be paid like football players, legislators should serve pro bono as public service, and who besides me remembers the international astonishment when Pelé signed for $100k?


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