Tuesday, December 30, 2014


What to think on this morning, what to contemplate? IDK. 

Enough about Harbaugh, eh. I knew he does an annual mission trip to Peru; until opening an early email this morning didn’t know what it is. http://www.crossmap.com/news/one-hour-documentary-to-chronicle-jim-harbaugh-san-francisco-49ers-head-coachs-mission-trip-to-peru-11939 

All family have been through the nearly six decades accumulation and picked out what they wanted, car loads for Goodwill today. 

This must be what retirement is like. No sermon to write, no admiral’s meeting, no church staff meeting, no Bible Seminar, just pack up and give away. Some are skiiing in Colorado, some are wishing they were. Though not in winter, I want to go back to Maine to explore Waldoboro, the shipbuilding town where Andreas Wäller emigrated from Germany in the 18th century. Original name was Broad Bay. Other than that, keep watch over St. Andrews Bay. Oysters, mullet, I’m good.

Gospel for next Sunday. We three kings of orient are bearing gifts, or the boy Jesus at age twelve in the temple with the elders. Whichever is read in church, read the other in Adult Sunday School. 

Tuesday morning Bible Seminar resumes February 3, 2015.

'Twas the day before New Years Eve and all through the house, things to box up and take somewhere else.


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