Thursday, February 25, 2016

7th Heaven

Nothing is served by saying “some dodo bird” because it could have been me (it wasn’t) or a friend or someone I care about, but somebody ran their vehicle into the exit gate and knocked it loose, it’s hanging by just its bottom hinge the past couple days, and both gates open. I don’t really like that, it diminishes the sense of security, safety. Thus, I reckon, the dream last night of a burglar here.

What else I love is the wide open southern view across to Shell Island. In yesterday’s aftermath of the violent overnight storm, from 7H we could see breakers in the Gulf of Mexico rolling ashore on the other side of the island. And during the night, the lights of a sizable ship out in the Gulf waiting for daylight and calm to enter the Bay. 

Actually, I’m not sure it’s still an island, the Old East Pass may be completely filled in and closed so that it would be Shell Peninsula or such.

Also to love is the complete sweep of St. Andrews Bay from east to west. I could wish 7H had been here forty years ago when we retired from the Navy. 

A calm, peaceful, safe and secure, private, beautiful place to live. I don’t see children, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t here, because we hardly ever see anybody. 

Some sort of working craft sitting directly across from us, looks like something from Tom Sawyer's day. Could be a dredge IDK. 

Seeing that I'm thinking of Tom Sawyer, make that we don't hardly never see nobody. 


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