Friday, February 26, 2016

Life Is Good

Life. It goes, is going, has gone, went by too fast. Best thing about old age? That I have more memories than you, that I can remember what you thought was only history. Neither are my memories eighty years of the same thing over and over again, but series of different things, different eras, different people, different loves, different words**, different children, different schools, different vocations, different places, different cars***, different tastes, different interests*, different stages, different ages …

*Different interests: there was when my main was astronomy, but long faded and I don’t even want my telescope back except to look at ships way out in the Gulf of Mexico from 7H which, to use an astronomical telescope such as mine required an eyepiece with an erecting prism, otherwise the ship would show upside down. I prefer theology to politics; and the comics to the news, especially Candorville, Calvin & Hobbes, and Cul de Sac where there’s a buckethead
 named Kevin in whom I see myself, a buckethead of neurons and synapses that in Time will stop shining like a burned out lightbulb. That’s for Time; as for Eternity, IDK, but I’m thinking it may be the Time and Space between the Big Bang and Absolute Zero. The other side of Absolute Zero is nothing comprehensible, not even Space, not Time and, without synapses and neurons, no thought, no concepts, no Being. Meaning that even Eternity has boundaries, limits. Einstein said outside the universe is nothing, not even space, but I think he was wrong, that our expanse is just one of infinite probabilities in which countless tiny dots are eternally banging. I’m no goofier than usual this morning, but sitting here at my Bay window I see flashing red and green lights on the sea, I see the moon in the sky, I see what may be Jupiter, and I’m wondering what if we had four moons in the sky instead of just one.

**See, this is what happens at Old Age, when I’m so free that my main worry can be the difference between τό δαιμόνιον and ὁ δαίμων. What comes next? And when?

***Different cars: my all time favorite was a red Tahoe, now it’s a silver SRX V8.
 Or maybe this and a lunch of mullet and oysters. Ah and Frank reminded me, the gumbo with its thick dark brown roux!!


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