Tuesday, February 9, 2016

shrive, shrove, shriven

This is not a political blog not only because I’m no politician, but these days because our political scene is shameful, disgusting, embarrassing, humiliating, the worst of filthy crudeness, racism, arrogance, bullying ignorance rising to the top and America back to the jungle and up into the trees where we climbed around before the Lord God named us Earthlings. We are Shift, the evil monkey in The Last Battle, showing our ass in the lionskin, if you don't know the Puzzle, it's time to read the story. We live where being politically correct or even humanly decent is politically incorrect, it’s if you’re against me you’re trying to be politically correct, a four-letter obscenity. The new political correctness is to be politically incorrect and shout "politically correct" at the opposition, too obtuse to see the irony. That’s one side of our new political spectrum and the other side is if you’re a woman and not supporting the woman you’re going to hell. Jiminy Christmas. Who am I for? IDK, I don’t think she/he exists. I was for grandmothers, but what I had in mind was Golda Meir reincarnate. I’m against career establishment politicians, who have given us rule by the worst kind of government bureaucracies. What we need is one term of me as president-for-life after which I’ll pardon myself and come back home to 7H.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, day to shrive oneself, day to be shriven of one’s impurities and clean out one’s soul and one’s kitchen but eat up the sinful food instead of throwing it in the garbage. Have at it, sinfully binge before tomorrow, when we get earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust smeared on our faces and in prideful contempt or abysmal obliviousness of the red letter words at Matthew 6:16-17 go about showing everyone we’ve been to church.

What am I giving up for Lent? Certainly not sarcasm. For Lent I’ll be singing “At the cross” and driving out my demon. For gardenia sure, I'll be washing my face.

20160208 sunset from 7H.


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