Tuesday, December 27, 2016

holy ground

Far as I can tell, only way 201612270500 might have been more perfect up here in 7H would've been waking to a thunderstorm raging outside. But it’s just me, I’d not wish that on anyone with outdoors hopes for 2016's final Tuesday. Warm here, 63° 95% zero precip, foggy and going to 75°

Hot honey-lemon water. Maybe resume the daily walking regimen, IDK, though it could be a good thing like 2007-8 was for me and lost 47 pounds. Monday’s walk was Places of the Heart: from the Holy Pavilion at Linda Ave and 2nd St,

north on Linda Ave, east on 2nd Ct, south on Hamilton Ave, left onto Massalina Drive and along that part of Massalina Bayou where I grew up

and Robert's green house across the bayou. Walking our first Monday in 2017 we may walk round his side of Massalina.

Round, up to where Massalina Drive begins with a Y at Linda Ave and Allen Ave,

left fork onto Linda Ave and north. Across 3rd St, cross 2nd Ct again, back along Holy Ground to my car where at HNES the Holy Pavilion progresses rapidly with my eye on and blessing upon.

Driving home along WBeachDrive, a larger ship heading toward the Port. Before elevating up to 7H, I caught her as she passed the swimming pool downstairs

So then Tuesday: walk? read. For now, dark square, cuppa black and Life Is Good. 


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