Friday, December 9, 2016

the X

44° 48% light wind out there, Weather says 13 mph, feels not that breezy, but whatever. Up at five to two reading, tug plods by at three o’clock, just a tug, pushing no barge, same yesterday about this time, just a tug.

Too early to be up? maybe, but yesterday was heavy in sorts of ways and so, as Linda watched evening news, which I non-studiously avoid at any event, gulped my seven and slipped back away, gone by six o’clock. This morning, black and dark by the Bay; now repeating, second cup, second square, second chair. Busy day ahead? there are no busy days, a happy turn of life. And no mandates: I’ll go in to the church office later, because I want to, meet couple clergy colleagues, finishing up a CPE commitment. 

Otherwise I’m good, glancing at the calendar and seeing 1933, the only thing we have to fear is not fear itself but a spectre, prohibition repealed, seriously, Guiseppe, where are you when we need you. 

2016 Christmas card? from our bathroom in the ship: our little French great-granddaughter Lillie Bidet, navigating the vessel

Merry Christmas

DThos+ keeping the X in XMAS

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