Tuesday, December 20, 2016

sweet, o sweet

Another perfect breakfast at home, two 4" links sausage from Bradley’s Country Store, cooked stovetop in iron skillet, two slices extra thin whole wheat bread, side bowl cold sauerkraut, glob mayo, glob mustard. Instead of hot for the third cup, black coffee over ice. 

When the package of sausage arrived I cheated, immediately microwaved a link and eagerly chomped into, to the chagrin of a blistered roof of mouth, but worth the first taste and I’m neither too old nor too stupid to learn patience. Best cooked in pan as directions say. Comes out perfect, bit spicy, snappy to bite into. Yesterday with scrambled eggs, today rolled up in ww bread, mayo mustard. Arrives in lengths about a foot long, each of which I cut into three 4" links, package and freeze for feasting as needed, bit by bit. Linda’s using a bit in one bowl of turkey dressing for Christmas Day.

My personal small dish of dressing is oyster. Recipe varies, but small casserole bowl oiled, pressed down layer dressing with pecans, layer whole oysters, layer dressing, layer whole oysters, layer dressing, layer whole oysters. Bake. Serve self, cover with brown turkey gravy. Eat. As nobody else will eat it, 6” bowl yields two servings: serving for X In XMAS dinner, serving for Boxing Day breakfast.

Tuesday: car to dealer for service? Maybe. Kris and Malinda coming for dinner at three. Perfect BP 111/66, but pulse 31's wobbly walk, meandering mind. 

Apostolic Action this morning browsed friends’ used car lot. Sweet, oh sweet:

50° cloudy, “feels like 47” - Davis Point, Shell Island, Courney Point:

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