Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday, Advent Four

Sunday, this morning’s a holy day, and so quite naturally, I take a look at a bit of our Scripture from the lectionary for this morning or, having touched on all of it during the week, look at this morning’s collect. Surely something holy from DThos+ the Holy Man, no?! No. Opening my MacBook just now, first thing popping up is email and, top of the list, a classic car magazine with an eye-catching car from just before my time.

Struggle with it a moment, I do. Looks like a Chevrolet to me, I’ve poured over it before — those vertical hood louvres, they mark a certain year. That radiator cap hood ornament, familiar but reminds me of a Lincoln ornament, but that’s no Lincoln; and I cannot imagine the owner of such a car tacking on an illegitimate bobble, so it’s got to be legit. Ok, I’m thinking 1931 Chevrolet, but checking, no, the hood louvres were stamped, fixed and all along the side, not opening separately. 

1932 then? 

Yep, that’s it. And the hood ornament, it’s a 1932 Chevrolet Series BA Confederate. I knew that hood ornament was legitimate.

Who wants something holy, go to church.


all pics pinched online, and I'll bet that guy in the thirty-two, his arm casually hanging out the window, is sitting behind a hot V8, not the original six.

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