Sunday, December 4, 2016

sushi and the epiclesis

Up at wee hours for Father Nature, back to bed a few minutes as mind fills with plan for Sunday School time this morning, which will be our concluding confirmation class for anyone not involved with Santa Sunday and the children, and who may wish to come. 

Up again, my intent involves our Eucharistic Prayer, which, in the liturgies that have grown during my lifetime, we have nine possibilities for Sunday mornings. In The Book of Common Prayer we have two Eucharistic Prayers in Rite One and four in Rite Two. We have three more in the supplemental liturgical material authorized by General Convention as the little red book Enriching Our Worship 1. What interests me? Identifying/recognizing common theological elements:

> opening dialogue
> rehearsal of salvation history
> words of institution
> oblation
> anamnesis
> epiclesis

While up those early wee hours, I remembered and began salivating: in the refrigerator, a box of sushi purchased at Fresh Market on the way home from Mike’s ordination yesterday, fetched it and the soy sauce and enjoyed six pieces, first time in memory eating sushi at one-thirty a.m. Sushi and furoforty. Back to bed as the wee hours faded and sleep summoned. Now four-forty-eight, up again with Linda, black coffee, two squares dark chocolate.

Tantalizing breakfast menu choices:

> other half of the sushi from Fresh Market


> fried mullet in go-box from our lunch stop at Marina Oyster Barn on Bayou Texar in Pensacola

Welcome to our world, Rev. Mike!!!


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