Thursday, January 19, 2017


Laurus arrived yesterday, two or three weeks after being ordered, such that I thought it wasn’t coming, but fine, no matter. Already'd read the first couple chapters online, now reading the translator’s introduction before restarting the book. 

Set in medieval Russia, the protagonist holy man born in 1440, I’m thinking, hoping, it won’t be a dark dostoevskian (There’s an interesting word, it’s an adjective: does it really need to be capitalized, what’s the rule on that? Yes, I guess it does, hasn’t been that commonized as hoover and frigidaire and now google. Oh well, already typed lower case, too late) soap opera.

Gives me then two sabbatical reading projects to work on. Romans, the last letter we have from Paul before he was taken to Rome. Slow reading because instead of reading enjoyably through as one can do Philemon or One Thessalonians, I keep wandering off with the footnotes, looking at five translations, three columns from, The Jewish Annotated New Testament (NRSV but has fascinating scholarly footnotes), and SV in The Authentic Letters of Paul by members of the Jesus Seminar. Mind, this isn’t impressive or studious, it’s just frustrating and deters my continuing because I get no place slowly. Probably should quit worry what translators went in with what preconceived pauline theology, read it, put it down and go on, eh. 

StAndrewsBay: we have another whiteout, but who having survived RI, DC & NorVA, MI, OH, and PA could whine about a winter day that’s 65°F and wet. As well, my political and social certainties are so far out from yours on every score that I’m zipping my trap, not to say the lightly dancing fingers, about tomorrow.

Sunset last evening, book, car.

DThos+ 19 days into Stoppage Time 

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