Thursday, January 5, 2017

silver and gold

Underway: shift colors

Okay, the sabbatical is underway with way on, which means not just Monday and Friday, but walk every morning, 

TWThS press G and laps round the underground garage,

one lap is quarter-mile. Indefinite timing, but this morning reverse course

snap a few pic - - swimming pool gate.
looking up.

Seen before, I could drive a jobby like that if the top were always down so I didn’t have to crawl down into and climb up outta.

^ my nomination for an interim American flag until we learn to love each other again

a mini-grind.

his and hers.

walk after honeylemonwater and black & dark, before breakfast, cannot walk on a full stomach. Pills either right before walk or right after walk, this morning after, and a sitdown with black & snack, this morning peanutbutter smushed on ww and folded over because I’ve always done it that way.

Sabbatical privacy ongoing, yesterday more Doestoevsky including another series of Crime & Punishment film noir, OMG the worst sort of dark, depressing 19th century soap opera (it was in fact first published, as was Charles Dickens, as a newspaper serial over twelve monthly installments). Then read a bit of his Brothers K and watch several chapters of that film, Russian & French but E-subtitled and colour and more distinct speaking.

Afternoon, The Knight’s Tale as I work to catch up on life. In Miss Fay’s english classes at Bay High we had some Canterbury Tales, in Chaucer’s original English if I recall, and I do recall zoning out through the whole thing and refusing to read even one line of it. Not meant as a spoiler, but both royal cousins lusted after poor innocent beautiful Emily (“whom I serve” even though it was simply adoration from afar, I had a schoolboy crush like that once myself) who didn’t want to marry either of them but ended up married to both, in a manner of speaking.

Today? Whatever. Whatever whenever. My sabbatical, it’s whatever whenever I DWP.

DThos+ in Stoppage Time 

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