Sunday, January 8, 2017

pj-safe 24/7 exclamation point

Unnecessary actually, in fact we didn’t run the heater all last winter and for weeks the aircond was silent too, result that when we tried to run the a/c in the spring it was all stove up and the whole gardenia thing, less than a year old, had to be replaced. Fortunate, under warranty. Arriving home from the funeral last evening, Epiphany+1, we had hot turkey soup from the Christmas turkey then turned on heat to exercise the bloody thing.

Yesterday left me arriving home tireder than I recall being, physically, mentally, perhaps ever. A long day, but a reason could be the last time I stood in that very cemetery plot was a Sunday afternoon nearly a generation ago, saying the words over the casket of Tom’s son Tom III, whose brothers and sisters were there then and again yesterday afternoon. Working with Tom on the HNES project some fifteen years ago, when I asked him about that searing loss and his life after, he said he couldn’t bear to return to his son’s grave, couldn't stand to go there, the pain was such. A place every loving parent prays never, ever to go. 

Ah, home. Exhausted octogenarian, straight into PJs. Of many joys of 7H, one's that nobody ever knocks at the door, pj-safe 24/7. Best remedy and cure: twelve ounce mug of ice water. Works wonders nearly every time.

Thank heaven and HNEC for sabbatical, clocked out since last Sunday, 1 Jan, but in fact only underway as of this morning, Sunday, 20170108 exclamation point. In a bit, we leave by car for Denham Springs, Louisiana to visit Walt this week. USS Alabama: lunch on Battleship Parkway IDK. For a common, ordinary parish priest, I sure do have an uncommon love of dreadnaught warships.

To stay at Hampton Inn, Denham Springs, tonight through Wednesday morning, intend return to 7H Wednesday evening. Hedging with “intend” so as not catch his attention and tempt the Evil Eye, and wishing you long years. 

29°F clear, feels like 19° as I contemplate a second cup of hot chocolate.

DThos+ in Stoppage Time 

Sunday breakfast ->

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