Saturday, January 21, 2017


Diese ist nicht eine politische Blog aber unser neue Lied wird sein "Amerika über alles". Melodie: Gott erhalte, J Haydn 1797

Because each nation’s national interests are therein put at risk, international economic interdependence, globalization expanding since World War II, is the best, most subtle, least costly political strategy toward longterm world peace. Not nuclear MAD, not walls of stone or xenophobic flagwaving hatred, suspicion and mistrust, but the mutual interdependence that free trade builds. Commerce is ar cheaper peace than the blood of patriots. To tear down commercial interdependence by such as import quotas, export subsidies and protective tariffs in moving toward a protectionist nationalism that is but veiled jingoism compartmenting a small planet, insidiously ravels the peace, endangers investment, counters comparative advantage, costs the American consumer, artificially protects American industry.. 

Early twentieth century redux. From across the room Friday noon I watched, dismayed, my country begin not a unifying era but a confrontational demagogic slide into the dark ages. America First 
We were, from Pearl Harbor, leader of the free world. But in history every nation has its decline and fall. 

Third week of January 2017 - 2011 comes to mind my high-rise window view northward over Lake Erie frozen solid America to Canada to wipe out lake effect snow, this sixth anniversary of my Cleveland adventure. Completing daily CaringBridge postings from 26 October 2010 and two-thousand-two-hundred-forty-three postings on +Time, +Time+, finally back to Stoppage Time with 1935 cars of memory, ist genug, nicht wahr -- . I am thinking this afternoon to share a glass of red with Grover.


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