Friday, January 27, 2017

Thur Eve Fri Morn

47°F and 67%, wind 8mph but still on 7H porch so must be a north wind. Monday morning early was dreadful along the Bay, so windy we had to head inland where just a block off the open water the houses and trees cut the fierce wind. Even so, just a few blocks along the bayshore so took the breath away that walking continued difficult and a relief to see the car parked by Holy Pavilion.

Walking mornings regardless, Monday Friday in the Cove, TuWThSaSu here in StAndrews. 

Robert and I are starting later today, Friday is breakfast morning and a bit later start will give us more restaurant options than the Bayou cafes Massalina and Johnson, though enjoy both, want a change. Maybe icy cold glass of milk at Golden Corral? 

Laurus at between 2/3 and 3/4 the Holy Fool interrupted yesterday by arrival in the mail of can’t-put-down The Sunflower. What's bothering, stirring? IDK at 81, +Time demands at least a moderately new direction of some sort for DThos+ and sabbatical is being Time to realize that though likely not Time to sort it out. Whilst summer 2012 experiences were right and good for the Time, not another Jesuitical silent directed retreat: their daily Bible verse and question assignment drill isn’t good or right for 2017.

Therefore ongoing various reading; daily various walk, some to visit and remember, some to look round alone, none to think, thinking is not good news, ανεὐαγγελίον, is that a word - with a dictionary I can fabricate my own German string-word, is that legitimate in koine Greek? nope, doesn’t work in my online translator, but I get it, you don’t need to.

DThos+ into Stoppage Time

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