Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tide's Out

In predawn darkness couldn't tell or discern a running light, and my photo isn't clear, is it a GriegStar vessel 650x102 departing east port? or other ship arriving? Dawning now

and clarifying somewhat

and not a 650 foot ship, not underway, perhaps waiting for a tug to bring her in to the port? Or for a bit higher tide? Might be Lauritzen's 591x99 AS Elbia arriving to load wood pellets for Studstrup? IDK, too misty, can't see clearly.

Nice dawn for Thursday, 12 Jan, eh - -

But from last evening

201701111632 EST Combi Dock III 555'x84' 5.5m draft, arriving from Lake Charles to load tugs(?). Next port Colombia. Interesting

Beautiful ship, one of the larger to pass 7H. 

Not passing 7H close up, GriegStar line ships 650x102 come and go straight in/out to the east port to load woodpulp. GriegStar ship Star Isjford currently scheduled by 7H end of January to unload steel plate. Hope to get a pic.

John Darrah, thank you, clarified my photo of family at supper Tuesday evening, left to right: Toni, Brenden, Andrew, Micah, Mike, Linda, Betty, Donna, Walt

After a delightful visit with Walt and family, my whole precipitating reason for taking the sabbatical, we left Denham Springs early Wednesday morning, had an uneventful drive home except that, because of the Louisiana food we enjoyed, crossing into Mississippi we were stopped at the truck weigh station and fined for overweight. Lunch yesterday, oysters and mullet at Oyster Barn, Bayou Texar, Pensacola, casual and our favorite restaurant there. Arrived safely 7H 4:06 pm in time for a glass of red and enjoy sunset

Privately, at the moment the delicious salty seafood is putting me on report, half a dozen Father Nature jump up and run summons instigated by FuroForty so far this morning and Uncle Furo not finished with me yet. 

Further sabbatical activities, again watched LordOfTheRings, Fellowship of the Ring, in which appears a cave troll, a ballrog, Gollum trails the little company through the ancient, enormous underground complex called Moria, and Gandalf the Wizard slips and falls to his death not to be seen again until the final scene of Return of the King, LOTR book three when Frodo sadly watches as Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins board a vessel that will sail them away into eternity.

Happy, happy, happy to have seen my brother Walt and his collie dog Happy, and to return safely to 7H.

DThos+ in Stoppage Time

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