Wednesday, March 15, 2017


38°F outside, calm on 7H porch but wind is howling at the Beck door, yielding a wind chill factor of 28 degrees. I’m staying inside.

Wandering back from my bathroom about midnight, I paused to look out the Beck bedroom window. Streetlights in our little StAndrews main street below and light traffic, red and green traffic lights all the way up to the Beck Avenue and Highway 98 intersection at Grocery Outlet and St. Andrews Baptist Church. A cold and windy night, and watching the traffic moving slowly, I realized that it has no business being cold like this unless it’s Christmas and drivers are listening to Christmas music as they head home to the family and Christmas tree lights. Entirely different feeling about cold weather at Christmastime. 

Winter begone, out, out, damned spot, it’s springtime, 12/12 with sunrise at 5:50 am and sunset at 5:50 pm, vernal equinox a week away. The azaleas are blooming, but there's also that Christmas Cactus.

Sunrise moonset 201703150610 CDT


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