Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Calvin and Me

Working desperately to jot something down instead of, or at least before, checking the news, ho anaginowskown noeito, so hot HoneyLemonWater with what I thought was FuroForty but found out at sunset last evening more correctly hei├čt FuryForty. 60°F out, windy. Morning black&dark. Cooked breakfast: ounce delicious leftover tuna, half jar Willamette oysters stovetop pan-cooked in olive oil, on slice toasted WW bread with bakery floor sweepings and soaked in my green XV olive oil. Ice coffee. 0830 BP 105/65 P 62 with morning gaggle of cardioPills. Checked GoComics, couple of favorites: Cul de Sac, and Calvin and Hobbes where discovered a close connection between a little boy and an old man, FYI: 
http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2017/02/26 0856 BP 69/44 P58 stays down morningly an hour, often justifying a morning nap. But plans for today: make sure bills are paid, sort out 2016 income tax stuff for CPA. 

Nope, sure enough, nap time.

DThos+ still mucking along in +Time+

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