Thursday, March 9, 2017


Seaboard America 525x91 arriving Davis Point with general cargo from Kingston, to load steel plate. Next port, New Orleans. 

Now passing Courtney Point and about to turn north broadside into the morning sun.

Later today, Sichem Mumbai 423x66 arrives with molasses from Coatzacoalcos.

Consumes these postSabbtical days… Continue slowly reading because I don’t like having end a book that takes me away, Head Ball Coach where as well as watching life develop for a surprisingly sensitive and caring man who isn’t all slam the visor (why did he quit that? white visors got dirty and green grass stain) into the ground as my mother thought angrily when Coach beat FSU, also learning about football what a boy ought’ve known sixty and sixty-five, seventy years ago, but when my mind was on girls at Cove School and Bay High. 

Slowly, chapter day in and chapter day out lest Towles’ book end before I’m ready, reading Gentlemen, which returns me to sabbatical and where Count Rostov has suddenly become an uncle. 

Watch my own life where retirement can ominously seem perfect before, God forbid, hopefully not taking me aback, wishing me long years; and the lives of others, wishing them a hundred twenty years, collide with reality, fate and the foibles of God who moves in mysterious ways, His will to make known, or not.

What do I not like, am I not liking? That friends and loved ones come and go, now seasonal, now permanent, now I see you now I don't, before I’m ready to say goodbye, either forever or even just until this time next year, never know sayonara or itte-kimasu. It’s part of priesting, friending, living and loving on earth in Time. 


DThos+ in +Time+
81 and still 18

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