Monday, March 20, 2017


Seaboard Valparaiso passing 7H porch at 6:37 Sunday evening, Courtney Point in the background with its own lonesome pine. ValP stacked topside with cargo containers. Monday morning clear 51° and promise of springtime all week long, maybe rainstorms by weekend but I’m not taking the blame for that. 

My project for Sunday afternoon was to download Casablanca online and watch it again but, having gulped my cardioPills early, arrived home from church too exhausted for anything but glass of French red and crash. Should have drunk a pint of ice water instead, it would quickly have resolved the exhaustion. What’s doing this to me? Numerous, not only including the handwriting in the air: eight and a one writ large. Again, whoever said eighty is the new forty hasn’t been here.

Later read the Casablanca movie script entire, free instead of paying to watch the flick.

Time to stop and get ready for the walk, not long by real walker measure, but still over a mile and counting.


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