Thursday, March 30, 2017

too much salt

From the Tyndall Bridge at EastBay, to west over Thomas Drive, from the high meridian straight down, south over StAndrewsBay and Shell Island beyond the Gulf of Mexico’s horizon, the sea is silver and streaked with speeding yellow boats, gray sky abuzz with jet fighters. And here’s the Bubba, peaceful on 7H porch until the morning array of pills strikes like a sniper’s bullet: sudden as the word "instantaneous", heavy head, achy neck across the shoulders as BP bottoms out and Bub drags to the sack. But no complaints, it’s morningly, a cheap cost of being. 

Morningly arrives and I read The Jerusalem Post. Haaretz if it comes, which seldom unless I call it up online. In JP today a series, beginning with and an article on the anti-Semitism of Jewish self-hatred that extended to three essays by Michael Laitman. What, 72 years on and personally never forgetting as the last and final generation that can remember, the Holocaust still fills me with horror even as I see it stirring in our Time like dark clouds in an angry sky. Alive across Europe, the American people have elected it here, hatred responding to hatred responding to hatred without beginning in the east or ending in the west. Hate, hatred. Wake up to what we have done, are doing. We cannot help it; it is what we are: an experiment gone wrong. "Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being" -> something went wrong: use richer earth next time, more sugar, less salt, or brush teeth and rinse with Scope before breathing the breath of life into. 

Laitman, interesting but too philosophical to be real and valid, brings to mind Father Duffy on the Carol Burnett Show
and the Abraham he imagines is as just that as Washington cutting down the cherry tree. He neglects Joshua and the ethnic cleansing of the Promised Land, and somewhere in there he rationalizes the Holocaust with a sentence. I found Laitman not realistic in the overall scheme of correcting human nature. We are what we are. 

I need to spend more time reading OT Proverbs.


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